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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  August 18, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning on tuesday, august 18. where did the year go? it zipped by. >> i am eric thomas. >> i am christian. and now we will check with meteorologist mike nicco on the weather. hopefully, it will be cooler. >> cooler today for everyone, the sea breeze spreads to all neighborhoods. it will still be hot in some areas. the policy of drizzle is along the coast the next three hours. we do have clouds at sfo so possible delays. i will let you know. 12-hour day planner, starting cooler this morning, ending up at 4:00 at 60 at the coast and low 80s an the bay and mid-to-upper 80s inland. i will show you more cooling in the seven-day forecast. leyla? >> we get word right now of
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westbound highway 84 to southbound, we have a water main break. they will have to shut down the off-ramp with more information in the next report. you can see looking from emeryville camera to the macarthur maze, remark is light and we have a few extra vehicle on the roads moving offer to the bay bridge toll plaza from the east bay. we do have a problem, however, at novato eastbound on highway 37, right beyond 101 where we have an overturned bus like vehicle with no injuries involved. debris is on the roads. expect lanes to be blocked until further notice. >> for the second time in 24 hours, a san jose police officer has shot and killed a suspect. both were suspects in a gruesome murder a week ago. one is still on the run. matt is in san jose to put together the puzzle. matt? >> yes, eric, officers with respected up the onscene
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investigation in south san jose ten minutes ago. the shooting took place about ten hours ago. police say they were tabling one -- tabling one -- tailing one of they suspects wanted to are murder, and there was a woman in the car and the suspect was beginning to kill her. he realized he was the man reached for his waist and an officer shot and killed the suspect. he and two others were captured terrorizing a 38-year-old man who was found shot to death in an office building on lundy avenue august 13. >> the suspects are armed with handguns on the video, and assault rifles and the third outstanding suspect had another weapon which i am not going to tuck about at this time.
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it was -- i cannot imagine what the victim was going through as they terrorized him before they killed him. >> a third suspect from the lundy avenue murder is still loose. miss have a message for him. item yourself in. the woman in the vehicle was taken to police headquarters. there is no word if she was injured. it is the eighth officer involved shooting in san jose and the 4th in nine >> officials in thai land have just released surveillance video of the suspected bummer who -- bomber who killed 22 people. there has been a second bum -- bomb attack. >> thai police say a man captured open video is the bomber. however, they have yet to identify him. here he is, seen wearing a yellow t-shirt in the crowd. he was also carrying a backpack which he later dropped. the blast happened after killing 22 people and injuring 125
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others. the massive attack took place at a temple popular where tourists in the heart of bangkok. a second back has been seen going off at a pier considered a major tourist stop captured by security cameras a day after the first bombing. no one was hurt. you can see the blast go off and people running in fear. officials in thailand say they do not have a motive in the bombings. no one has claimed responsibility for the attacks. authorities say the new footage showing the suspect is a strong lead in this investigation. >> this afternoon, the san francisco police department will discuss a double homicide that occurred in january. one of the victims was 32-year-old who was shot to delegate while watching her children lay in front of her home. she was running to protect her
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children from gun shots in a drive-by shooting. her father will address the media in helps of tracking down the killers. a 38-year-old map also died in the indent. >> police officers in san jose have taken their last step to approving a new wage agreement and a plan to replace their pension agreement. they voted it accept a deal including 8 percent ongoing raises and 5 percent one-time bonus. the police and fireups have been fighting with the city for benefits for three years. the city council will sign off next week. >> the minimum wage of $15 an hour. most wages in large cities have increased but the county is considering a new approach by focusing on dispersed population. if the model is adopted, it will be the first-in-the-nation to adopt that type of policy. >> a bill to increase the fee
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for filing an initiative in california from $200 to $2,000 is moving forward. the senate approved the bill and now it goes to the assembly. lawmakers say the goal is to discourage frivolous billion lot -- frivolous lawsuits someone that called for killing anyone who engaged in same sex unions. >> and is awareness of student safety in a campaign. the school districts have noticed increasing number of safety concerns near public schools during pickup and drop off time. schools what. to urge parents and students to work together to stay safe as the school year is under way. >> the santa clara county e.m.s. agency will introduce a new safety campaign "pull to the
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right for silences and light," intended to increase public awareness of the importance of pulling to the right when emergency vehicles with sirens and lights. the county will put banners on the buts and make a public service announcement. officials say allowing emergency vehicles to pass can save lives. >> if you have been waiting for turn off the air conditioning, mike? >> you can get clean are air and cooler air this morning inland where we topped 100 yesterday. lafayette is 58 and danville is 59 and blackhawk is 56. the coolest spot, around 60 to 62 and you can see the warmth lurking and still 81 on mount diabolo. the rest of us are cooler in the north bay, at 57 in santa rosa and napa and novato. san francisco and half moon bay at 59. los gatos and waking up in san jose, good morning, at 60. low-to-mid 60s for all of our bay area neighborhood. in walnut creek, we are looking
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south open 680 under clear sky where the sea breeze will take your temperature down, 92 to 98, still, air conditioning both. coast and san francisco the clouds will pull back to color neighborhood and stay there 65 to 72 and the brings keep the bay around 73 to 86 in the south bay and north bay. no fog around san rafael, looking south on 101 it and clear and temperatures will drop on wednesday, thursday, friday we are below average and the weekend, i will let you know. >> so early and already we have sig-alerts issued by the c.h.p. in novato, black point, eastbound highway 37 beyond 101 to miles pass 101 we have a sig-alert issued seconds ago because of the rollover crash involving a bus or truck type vehicle. we understand there are injuries involved but there is debris open road. we have two lanes blocked so traffic will have to get by on the shoulder.
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we saw some slowing pulling away from 101 and it looks like that has dissipated. on the normal afternoon, terrible traffic and hopefully it can be cleared early this morning with all lanes re-opened by the rush of the morning commute. further to 121 you will see a tap on the brake. on the peninsula, eastbound highway 84 to southbound we have a water main break that possibly close the off >> 5:09. the i.r.s. hack is far worse than first thought with new numbers in the money report. our google helping bay area home owners aimed at saving you money. >> a dream come true for a five-year-old battling a birth five-year-old battling a birth defect.
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the abc7 news app on the go on your schedule news that lives where you live. >> san rafael, south bay, pleasanton, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> welcome back, 200 active duty military personnel are ready to
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join firefighting effort ms. seven states including california, the first time active military are called to fight fires since 2006. this underscores the severity of the problem. they will be trained in washington before they are sent in to fires on saturday. officials say there are 95 large wildfires burning a million acres in oregon, washington, idaho, montana, nevada and colorado and of course california. >> 25,000 firefighters are already on the prompt lines. two women are set to become the first female army rangers in history after conquering the most physically and mentally challenging courses on earth, the first time a woman has completed the phase to earn the ranger premiere combat leadership course that teaches students how to overcome fatigue, hunger and stress in small unit combat operations. you can hear more of the women and the tests they will be door on "good morning -- they will en
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america. >> indonesia has recovered a black box from the passenger plane that crashed and killed all 54 people on board. all bodies have been located much the plane went missing two days ago but the site was only reached today after delays caused by weather and the terrain. there was in indication a distress call was made. >> a baltimore map known for visiting hospital i've children dressed as batman has died in a car crash. the 51-year-old leonard robinson was checking the engine on his vehicle when he was hit by a camry. he traveled to hospitals in the baltimore and washington, dc, area, gaining national attention in 2012 when video surfaced of police pulling him over while he was driving his batmobile. he called it good publicity for volunteering. >> we are very messed and thankful for have known him and
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to have had him for the time we did and have such a close relationship with him. we feel completely blessed. >> the "washington post" reported in 2012 that he spent $25,000 of his own money on batman-related items including toys, testimony shirt -- t-shirts and books he gave to kids. >> google is trying to get people to equip homes with solar panels in a new initiative with information on the internet to decide whether solar panels are a good idea. you can see how much sunlight hits your roof during the year based on local weather patterns and it will show you how much money you can save if you go solar. >> interesting pouring over the data to see how much you save or generate. >> how much to budget for. has it worked for you?
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>> i am happy with it. pg&e, the way you bill you, it is interesting. >> speaking of air conditioning bills... yes, he is crying because he does not have solar. >> heading back-to-school today and who do we start with in morning? how about district. clouds and 62. breezy and sunny and 85 for the students. the golden gate bridge, more breezy than yesterday. the clouds are lurking above the deck. they could come down through the morning. we will keep an eye open it. less heat today. air quality is pert. that is a good start. more shoulds. still doing well to, midweek cooling and a seasonal weekend as temperatures rebound to
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average. no real extremes coming up but for the 90s inland. it is hazy this morning and hayward at five. ten in petaluma and livermore and eight in san jose and concord and napa and that is not from the smoke. today is not a "spare the air" day. low-to-mid 80s for most of the south bay until los gatos and morgan hill, nearly 90 degrees and santa cruz in the upper 70s. san mateo is 79. millbrae 76 and everyone else low-to-mid 80's and redwood city 84. 67 at half moon bay. 65 in pacifica. 72 in south san francisco. 71 downtown. low-to-mid 80s through the north bay valley santa rosa at 86, napa 84, vallejo 82 and along east bay shore, berkeley, 72, up to 84 in present and castro valley and in between 75 in oakland and 77 in hayward.
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at the game, tonight, we start off at 67 at 6:00, drop to 63 by the end of bill. dodgers are in town take on the a's. local 90 through the inland east bay neighborhoods. mid-50s in the north bay valley and the roast of us are in the upper 50s. the seven-day outlook shows we are mainly in 80s tomorrow and a few areas could make 90s and 60s are holding consistently along the coast and mid-to-upper 70s from thursday through sunday around the bay and mid-to-upper 80s inland. leyla? >> if you are headed to novato and sonoma raceway you have a sig-alert to deal with. we do not have too much traffic but we are seeing some volume building eastbound side of 37 at 101. it is a sig-alert after a tr flipped. it will take some time to take
5:19 am
all the debris off the road and transport the truck away from the freeway. right new we have all lanes blocked so that means traffic is getting by on the shoulder. between 101 and 121 expect some delays. 580 westbound tracy to dublin is gumming up at 55 minutes. school is back in session much highway 4, westbound antioch to concord is 15 minutes and southbound san rafael to san francisco is 15 minutes. >> a cyber attack at the i.r.s. appears to be much worse than first thought. >> the cyber attack at i.r.s. >> hundreds of thousands will get letters from the agency over the number of americanss affected europeing from 114,000 identified in may to, today,
5:20 am
334,000. >> the labor day million difficult could be the business of the ever for some are air travel. airliners expect 14.2 million flying between september 2nd and september 8th, 3 percent jump if last year. starbucks is putting something new in the top-selling seasonal drink of all time, pull pumpkin spice latte will have pumpkin spice latte will have real pumpkin and no art >> a special ceremony first pitch highlighted the a's and baltimore orioles game. >> a girl was borne with a birth defect that causes underdeveloped arm missiles and outguiltied with a special 3-d hand. she tossed it to her favorite
5:21 am
player. she does not lake -- like to be told she cannot do anything. >> this was straight toward plate. plate. stay tuned.
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petsmart®. inspired by pets. therthat can be serious,ere. even fatal to infants. it's whooping cough, and people can spread it without knowing it. understand the danger your new grandchild faces. talk to your doctor or pharmacist about a whooping cough vaccination today. weather you are just going or headed out the door now, here is what you need to know. san jose police have shot can killed a second man connected to a murder last week a day after police shot another suspect in the case murder case. miss say the two were involved in a almost side on lundy drive last week and one suspects is still on the run.
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>> 14cal fire planes were grounded after a propeller came off an aircraft. they are used to guide the air tankers making the drops. the 13 will return to service by the end of day. >> three, seven water mains ruptured after the 4.30 magnitude earthquake along the hayward fault line, five in oakland, the epicenter. there is a 5 percent chance of a larger earthquake on the say fault line in the next week. >> four, the cooling that hit the coast will video inland with temperatures 1-telephone degrees cooler -- 1-12 degrees cooler than yesterday. >> to novato from highway 121 all lanes are blocked because of an overturned truck. that will be there until further notice with major delays including 101 backing up from
5:25 am
marinwood. we will keep you updated. >> a new report on the stockton bank robbery and hostage stand off said 600 shots were fired and were excessive, where and nearing only because others were shooting. a woman died wren a suspect used her as a human shield. >> it now costs more to use your credit or debit card to park in san francisco since the weekend. if you want to pay by phone that costs 27 cent extra down from 45 cents. >> california lawmakers want get tough on people would fly a drone over fires including drone operators facing a $5,000 fine and officials could shoot down interfere dreams. dreams have interfered with fire responses 13 times this year. >> stevie wonder has done
5:26 am
amazing things surprising fans with pop-up concerts in washington and philadelphia and new york. >> the artist is headed back on tour this fall but last night the lucky new yorkers got a preview when he show up in central park to perform. early that afternoon he performed at a park in philadelphia. >> we have a great park here, too, stevie! >> sometimes a little gesture can change a life. in texas, break was -- brook noticed an an elderly woman eating alone saying her mother and aunt die asked she had a hard time being alone. they now make the lunches a weekly event and what they have learned from each other has change their lives. >> coming back with another 90 minutes of news including fast action from emergency crews
5:27 am
after a tree tumbles on to a busy bay area freeway and why the drought my have been to blame. >> outside the ferry build, a beautiful shot in san francisco and you are looking at abc7 with and you are looking at abc7 with weather and traffic
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning at 5:29 on tuesday. >> i am kristen sze. i am eric thomas. >> mike? >> the temperatures will tumble some in a if you areas and a lot in other areas. the meleer and clouds show the visibility down not because of the smoky haze. today is not a "spare the air" day. you can see the wind on pier nine blowing to the east. that means it is comfortable. the day planner is 55 to 63.
5:30 am
clouds return by noon at 68 to 80 inland. 68 at the coast to 88 inland by 4:00 and enjoy a comfortable evening up to 80 inland. >> we saw traffic building here from the maze toward san francisco and it was is lit at 15 minutes ago...up to novato this life is busy partly because of the sig-alert, eastbound highway 37 beyond 101 we have all lanes blocked so both lanes are blocked in the eastbound direction and the shoulder will get you by but we are seeing delays northbound highway 101 pushing to marinwood. westbound i-80 from ford to the maze is 17 minutes and across the bridge, eight minutes from san francisco to sfo is 11 minutes. >> san jose police are investigating the second officer involvedmenting in 24 hours. both shootings are connected to
5:31 am
a gruesome homicide last week. matt keller is in san jose. matt? >> a violent couple of nights for san jose police the second officer involved shooting in less than 24 hours with police looking for another murder suspect. this latest shooting took place last night in south san francisco before 7:00. police say they were tabling on- tailing one of the suspects. the map was driving with a information about the murder and three was going to kill the woman. the suspect relied he was being tailed and sped off. he crashed his consider. he took off running. officers were in pursuit. >> suspect is running toward house. the officers chasing the suspect and the suspect reached to
5:32 am
waist area. the officer fires and shoots and the suspect was pronounced dead at the scene. >> no help was found on the suspect. the woman in the vehicle was taken to the police headquarters. in word if she was injured. three males were cap tood terrorizing and shooting and killing a 38-year-old christopher wren in an office building on august 13. another suspect in the murder was shot and killed by police on sunday night. police have a message for the third suspect: >> thank you. stay with abc7 for continuing coverage of the san jose shootings on air and online at abc7 news. >> look at this downed tree near san francisco general hospital. it fell around 11 o'clock last
5:33 am
might and blocked two lanes southbound 101 at hospital curve. in injuries were reported but the tree hit several vehicles including one that was towed away. it is not clear why the tree fell but one c.h.p. officer believes the drought could be to blame because it was is dry. >> contra costa county supervisors will vote an grant application to expand the jails. the secretary hoping to secure an $80 million state grant to add high security wing at the west county detention facility in richmond. the lap is to reduce is -- the s reduce the number of inmates and move 400 inmates. they hope they can come up with $4 million in costs. >> more fall out for pg&e for the san bruno explosion looking at the company culture and how it is governor ended. vest gathers believe that pg&e
5:34 am
shoddy maintenance contributed to the explosion and messy record keeping. they face criminal charges. a vote august 27 is the next step in an investigation. >> los gatos will keep the 5th grade science camp was an aide was arrested for child me leftation, where prosecutors say a man me lived an 11-year-old boy. the district received letters and e-mails expressing opposition to the camp but last night the school board her nothing but positive things. >> i heard camp was canceled and it was the best part of 5th excite. >> i don't think the board should cancel catch for everyone because of the issue. please, please, please, we want
5:35 am
science camp. >> in the end, the board agreed and vote unanimously to keep the popular program. >> east bay mud is dealing with a headache following the 4.30 earthquake with 15 water main breaks, five in oakland, the epicenter. officials say it is triple the number of breaks normally. people felt the tremors including this baby jolted awake of the it felt strong because it was a shallow earthquake at 3.5 miles below the surface along the hayward fault. there is a 5 percent chance of a larger earthquake on the say fault the next few days. you can see that cal fire h lifted all evacuation orders related to the jerusalem fire which is 90 percent contained. nine homes have been destroyed. 25,000 acres have been
5:36 am
destroyed. all road closings have been lifted. >> warm fire is 50 percent contained that has burned 300 acres so far. the fire is located north of castaic lake. six vacant structures have burned. >> in depress -- f the sheriff has issued evacuation notices to people east of fresno with 21,000 acres burned. >> in washington state, several big wildfires are threatening a resort region in the industrial part of the state. they have burped 155 square miles since friday when 75 hopes have been destroyed. 400 are threatened. mandatory evacuation orders are in effect. nearly 9,000 people did not have power at one point.
5:37 am
>> we had the heat wave and it is in the rear view. >> the 100s are been for a long-term. and eight degrees cooler in san jose and concord. santa clara and campbell at 59, too. saratoga is 59. warmer to mountain view at san pablo and novato at 60, and lafayette and danville at 59 and 60 at half moon bay. in the afternoon hours, we are going to have a breezy bay so 73 to 8 as we head into the south and north bay which is comfortable. the coast and san francisco is with the clouds remain during the afternoon hours 65 at the cost to 72 in parts of san francisco and inland east bay, better air quality, still hot, though, 92 to 98. watching sfo for delays it is
5:38 am
cloudy and 60 degrees. we will drop again tomorrow another five to six degrees inland and we will be at average thursday and below average on friday and the weekend, that is next. leyla? >> mostly cloudy and no fog as we look at the golden gate bridge and i found the zipper truck moving to marin which expanded the southbound lane but it zipped along. we had a rush of cars that hoped to get the extra lane open so not to cause delays. this causing delays metering lights on after 5:30 with traffic packing in from the macarthur maze, taking on a few extra minutes, 13 to get away from the macarthur maze to san francisco. heading up to the sig-alert, eastbound highway 37, in affect until further notice beyond 101 because of an overturned truck, we have all lanes blocked and
5:39 am
the shoulder gets you by, however, we are starting to see delays with volume building northbound side from marinwood at 101. we have a water main break but expect delays eastbound highway 84 to southbound with decent traffic loan the peninsula and the san mateo bridge or dumbarton to the south is top speeds. >> this is more than a game of catch. next, the important lesson fathers are teaching their daughters. >> highway signs drivers are told to ignore in the east told to ignore in the east stay tuned.
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>> novato, oakland, sunnyvale and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. good tuesday morning at 5:42. students are going back-to-school and police are stepping unenforcement to make sure drivers are on best behavior and kids are safe and sound. amy hollyfield has more. >> yes, you see police at
5:43 am
different schools around san francisco this week. this morning you will see officers at san francisco schools including here at pine street a very busy street. police will be targeting people would drive too fast around schools. they have picked ten schools in the city men to have dangerous driving around them. they will host police officers at the schools this week. the mayor is on board. he said this is part of the city's zero vision goal. that pole is to have a year with no traffic fatalities. officials will have electronic signs around the city reminding drivers school is back in session and they need to slow down and be aware. the east bay is launching a similar campaign. the message is: school is back in session. be awish. be center -- extra >> new electronic signs are testified this week on the bay
5:44 am
area's busiest freeways that will ease traffic congestion. animation of the smart corridor protect shows what drivers on interstate 80 between emeryville and richmond will see, electronic signs telling drivers wren there is an accident, when the lane is in, what lane had the accident, what lane they should be in. you will see "text," and dill come online for yield. drivers warned to pay attention and not the -- to not the signs. >> abe was at san rafael high school yesterday for practice with the new smart impact monitors with technology keeping track of and measuring head exact during practice and games when a player take as me to the head. the device will send information to the koch about intensity. the goal is to keep the flavors safe. >> we are here to develop young men and hope this allays fears
5:45 am
of parents. safety is first. >> donation helped to pay for the devices. >> players for the 49ers took to levi stadium field with special people: their daughters. >> they spent the night on drills but its with part of dads and daughters camp. it is designed to empower young women who are active in experts it have higher self-esteem. >> the event is microcosm of what dads being involved in sports with third daughters mean, life lessons. challenge yourself. have a voice. >> it is a great we to bond with daughters and teach what it means to work as a team. we are seeing good hands out
5:46 am
there. >> a girl i know, the fastest runner around. runner around. >> >> it will be hot inlend east bay, so you will need the air conditioning with 90s. but become to school, walking out into the... >> nice animation. >> someone at a sister station created this. san rafael elementary school district in san rafael, 57 degrees. cloudy this morning. sunshine. breezy. comfortable at 78 by the walnut creek shows hazy here but we do have brighter and cleaner
5:47 am
air and not is hot. especially inland. we were at 100 and 90s today. clouds return to all neighbors tonight. drizzle is possible. the cooling that started yesterday will continue through friday with a warming trend if the weekend. that is in the seven-day forecast. 23 in fairfield and a nice surge of onshore wind and it will pick up this afternoon along the bay shore to the west delta at 3:00 until 10:00 the small craft advisory so calm this morning getting to work but not so headed home. the cloud cover shows extensive but in the deep santa clara valley and the east bay. the marine layer is 1,200'. by noon we are empty of clouds but at the coast we are going to stay stubborn into the afternoon, 60s and 70s and 80s and 90s. we have upper 80s to nearly 90 in los gatos and gilroy and young to 85 the spread for
5:48 am
everyone else. 85 in los altos the warm spot and 84 at palo alto and redwood city down to 76 in pill bring and half moon bay is 67. more sunshine downtown, south san francisco and sausalito, low 70s. from 81 in petaluma to 82 in vallejo and 86 in santa rosa and along east by shore, 72 at berkeley, 78 in san leandro and low pressure 80s castro valley and union city and fremont and newark, inland, 92 to 98 in san ramon to brentwood. hot but not the 100s. my seven-day forecast shows comfortable tonight mid-50s in the in fact bay, low 60s for the rest us, cornering another 4-6 degrees former and another 2-4 degrees on thursday and a couple on friday. below average. then we rebound. morning clouds and afternoon sun this weekend. leyla? >> we are watching a sig-alert in novato with minor injuries blocking all lanes. walnut creek southbound 680
5:49 am
nine minutes. more cars or on the road. to the south of here, there is a mess. look westbound highway 84. a twitter follower said the commute and "toast." that is because of the act westbound highway 84 involving a make and a big rig pulls to the shoulder. possible injuries involved here at 17 miles per hour is the top, top speed. slower than that with backups away from buchanan. take 580 although you see the volume willing and go from dublin interchange for pleasanton. eastbound highway 23 at clear mounted, a new accident blocking one lane with the slow down pushing to the macarthur maze we have more folks descend on the bay bridge toll plaza.
5:50 am
accelerating a plan to save the postal service. why your mail carrier is being asked to step up the pace when it comes to delivering goods. >> levee steam is -- levi stadium is gearing up for the experience. >> another reason to read to your children and expand their vocabulary.
5:51 am
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i know you're staying golden by managing your energy use...ns which means managing water too, sfx: rawr especially during a drought. learn to save water, energy and money at officials of the low pressure -- loma
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will decide whether to approve a sanitation rate hike which would rise by 61 cents. rise by 61 cents. for san increase of pension costs because of waste management workers that starts at 2:00. a49ers have a way do enhance your levi stadium game day experience. to ease the traffic congestion they add additional exit lanes from parking lots with more evening games so you do not have to sit in the hot broiling afternoon sun. the 49ers are cutting the price of bottled water by 75 cents and reducing the price of beer by 25 cents. all of the changes are part of the $17 million upgrades. >> google new humid-oid robot is
5:54 am
set free in the woods with the first walk in the woodses. the video was shown as a conference and is impressive and mildly alarming. >> it was created by google owned firm and wees 330 pounds at 6' 2". it is agile maneuvering uneven ground. it is not up to par with human. they are not ready to venture into the world yet. the video shows the robot tied to a power source cruising through the woods. that is the size nfl offensive tackle. without the not work. >> but could he fight off the bear? >> now a check with mike and the weather forecast. >> on walnut creek it is hazy. we are going to family cooler
5:55 am
conditions to the east at antioch ten degrees cooler and redwood city at 11 degrees cooler and the rest of us are one to seven degrees cooler. if you do not like the heat we will go friend by thursday interest friday. at game, 67 at 7:00, with domiers -- dodgers in town. and 100 in chico and yosemite and palm springs. >> 44 bart trains are on time and ace train one and three are on the track but slow a minute late. we are taking you back over to the motorcycle accident near the sunol grade westbound 84, a lane is blocked. that is choking off the commute. you may want to take 580. i will show you the drive. it lose like it will be there until further notice. over the altamont pass, you can
5:56 am
see at airway boulevard you can see the traffic dissipating but 76 minutes from tracy to dublin more than an hour, busy, busy commute. >> thank you, leyla. another reason to read to your child and deep your little one new words. >> toddlers with larger vocabularies not only perform better at school they behave better, too, but i am sure there are exceptions. the child's vocabulary can predict how well they do in kindergarten. 8,600 kids were tracked and those with larger vocabularies did better in math and reading and had fewer temper tantrums and paid better attention in class. >> check it out. a healthy baby delivered on the freeway after a traffic stop in seattle on sunday morning. the driver was speeding and blow
5:57 am
through red lights and they pulled him over he yelled his wife was in labor and officers called the paramedics but before they arrived the baby got there. it was not breezing and the officers and mom worked to clear the airways and you her the results. >> they may want to name the baby "chase." >> rather than shoulder. >> the power of man's best friend, a pair of talented puppies being taught to sniff puppies being taught to sniff out cancer.
5:58 am
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>> a deadly police shooting in san jose, the second in 24 hours concerned to a gruesome killing of a map last week. what investigators are asking for now. >> looking at a bomber, investigators in thailand say the man in yellow is responsible for a deadly action tack in the capital as bangkok is rocked by another explosion. >> reinforcements you are on way for wildfires in the west the first time military troops are helping in a decade. >> i am eric thomas, it is august 18. we have had warm temperatures in the bay area. mike? >> great question. good morning both of you and welcome aboard. it is hazy but left smoke and more humidity as the sea breeze is bringing in a more humid and cooler air mass with the clouds spilling through the east bay hills and valleys. much cooler when y


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